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Grafted Growers produce vegetable grafted plants for the $1.4 B gardening and commercial growing consumers struggling with disease, low yields, and harsh environmental conditions. Our uniquely diverse team combined with our passion for innovation and forward-thinking sustainability enable us in our mission to become the leading provider of world’s best vegetable grafted plants. Our innovative growing techniques support our quest to help the growers of the 106 M tomato transplant market become successful. By uniting science and nature we craft superior grafted vegetable plants that are exceptionally resilient and thereby able to produce more fruit longer into the growing season.

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About Us

Shireen Asous is pursuing a MBA at Eller College of Management with a focus in entrepreneurship. As a sales and management professional with over 7 years experience in the retail industry working for a Fortune 15 company, Ms. Asous’s experience includes both consumer and business sales offering to her a unique understanding of the diverse marketplace. Ms. Asous has a Bachelor of Arts degree from the University of Arizona with majors in Political Science and Spanish. Through her experience and education, Ms. Asous has developed a keen sense of marketing, sales and management expertise.



Ricardo Hernández Moreno has extensive training in horticultural systems, he holds a Bachelor degree in Agronomy/crop consultation (NMSU), a Masters of Science in Entomology/biological control (Texas A&M), and he is currently a PhD candidate for the School of Plant Science focusing on controlled environment systems (UA). Additionally he has work experience in crop consulting and precision agriculture. Ricardo leads the efforts for the development of unique growing techniques in order to meet the consumer and market demands.


John Jackson is an Eller MBA candidate and as Team Manager facilitates strategic direction for Grafted Growers. John has over 10 years of impactful management and business consulting experience. John has effectively managed sales and operations of revenue centers of up to $30 million and staff, including managers, of up 35 employees in a variety of retail and commercial environments winning President’s Club honors the past four years. Grafted Growers forwards Johns’ passion by providing much needed technologically innovative solutions to the problems faced by gardeners, community farmers and commercial growers.


Leah Weisel is a driven individual with a passion for agriculture and entrepreneurship. With background in animal and aquacultural systems, she has recently expanded her focus into controlled environment greenhouse systems. With a background in community gardening and agriculture Leah brings a unique perspective and an inside connection to the local community. Leah will be completing an associate in Entrepreneurship as well as an associate in Aquaculture and also finishing coursework toward a PSM in Controlled Environment Agriculture.