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Howdy is an online marketplace for internship information where students seeking an internship can connect with past interns. Past interns submit an intern guide that includes inside information on what to expect during the interview, the office culture, salary and intern perks, and even suggests things to do or where to live. Each guide is unique to ensure the information is relevant and potent. Our dual marketplace allows for internship seekers to successfully acquire all of the information they need to make the right decision before applying, while allowing past interns to get paid by sharing their personal experience.

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About Us

Isaac Gealer, Howdy’s Marketing Director, grew up in Phoenix. While spending most of his childhood playing music, Isaac developed a keen interest in the business side of the arts. Through many internships of his own, Isaac has drilled into his passions. Isaac has spent the better part of his college career working at KAMP Student Radio, the University of Arizona’s student led and run radio station, as the Head Music Director and General Manager. He has also led his own marketing department at a Tucson music start-up, MyTown Music. Isaac even took his business skills to New York City during the summer of 2012, where he worked for the USA Network at NBCUniversal, helping to develop digital content. This next chapter in Isaac’s life will consist of strategy development, further market research and lots and lots of caffeine.


As a savvy creative and secret technology guru, Elizabeth Lansdale has proven that anything is possible with endless optimism. From living and volunteering in Costa Rica to working in London for a boutique PR agency, she realized her passion for digital design, product innovation, and just simply enhancing people’s everyday lives. After teaching herself the basics of coding during the summer of 2012, she developed and designed a social business platform for the Hewlett-Packard Department at Avnet Technology Solutions. Elizabeth’s drive and determination have compelled her to pursue her Business Management and Entrepreneurship degrees in three years. She looks forward to stepping into the uncharted waters of being a college graduate. Above all, she is an inspired collaborator and fearless visionary who has taken on the role of Operations Manager spearheading Howdy’s website development.


Jonathan Rave, Howdy’s Finance Manager, was born and raised in northern New Jersey. From a young age, Jon was skilled at math and drawn to the world of business. His first business experience began in 5th grade, buying, trading and selling basketball cards. During his college years, Jon began marketing and selling his tutoring service around the UA and Tucson, tutoring in business, math and SAT prep. Now, Jon is looking to take the next step with a student-launched venture striving to be the ultimate source for comprehensive internship reviews and experiences.



Samuel Zarifi is the General Manager of Howdy, and was born in Tucson. Sami is a Salpointe Catholic High School Graduate, and has received his bachelors degree in Mathematics and Civil Engineering. As a junior, Sami began a prosperous non-profit lifestyle-based clothing line that sells in the main bookstore at UA. Along with hosting benefit concerts throughout college, Sami has worked as an engineering supervisor for Southwest Foothills Homes, along with interning at Interscope Records. Throughout college, Sami has received several awards for his community and academic success, and plans to put his full entrepreneurial focus into Howdy.